Version Information

Current Version(Edit)

The Current version of the VKLink image is Version 2.0.

Major re-write with:

  • Updated Kernel to use with the new version of the Raspi 2 and also 3.
  • Embedded terminal for setup
  • Allmon as standard
  • Smart locating of nodes on a network.

To get the image, go to

Previous Versions(Edit)

v1.4 Major Changes to this version, a major re-write of the rpt_app to parse node lists better, added direct functionality with the status website, and allowed another channel driver.

V1.3 vk_repeater_network_v1-3(-pi2).zip - moved a fair bit of day to day stuff to a ramdrive to save the SD Card

V1.2 - changed scripts for smoother starting

V1.1 - initial version

Upcoming Versions(Edit)

No new upcoming versions at the moment unless the Raspberrry Pi foundation makes changes to their hardware again that we have to catch up upon

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