Setting up your Node Number

When you have received your node number from the VKlink team, it is a very simple affair to set it:

From the Main Setup Menu, select Change your node number, option 1 on the main screen.

Enter the number given to you.

Press {enter}

After a period of time, the node will restart itself,

and if all the other instructions have been followed it will work.


There are three things to note here:

  1. The VKlink Team cannot enable your node until it has reported it self for the first time.
  2. As the admins for the node system work full time jobs, it may be after 5pm before a node is enabled, and
  3. Lastly, you will not be able to connect, or accept connections straight away, as all the other nodes on the system need to be updated to know that your node is on the system. This takes place at 3am every morning. However, if you know the admin of another node, they can run a command on their end to manually force an update, and you will be able to connect to them.

Main page - Updating Node Information