VK Repeater Linking Network

If your reading this, you are interested in the VKLink Repeater linking project. This is the official manual for the project, and will be growing all the time.

If you have any questions, the VKLink Forum (http://forum.vklink.com.au ), is where to ask them, as well as requesting a node number, and downloading the image.

To see the Current Status of the network see here: http://status.vklink.com.au .

It has been suggested that a comparison be shown with the different systems. For those who want to nit-pick, This is a comparison for Nodes straight out of the box, no reflectors, no conferences, just a node. If you think there are any errors, contact the VKLink Admin.

VK LinkEcholinkIRLP
Hardware Raspi + Dongle PC Computer PC or Raspi + Proprietary Board
Cost DIY new < 100 500ish (new PC)
Cost buy new 220 500ish (new PC) 250 + new PC
Network Ports required 1 2 23 or 24
Internet Security IAX2 Authentication, Iptables with fail2ban Relies on Windows Firewall No firewall on nodes, no DoS protection, Default SSH port, PGP Authentication on Network
SIP/IAX Backbone
<5W power consumption
PC, Rpi
Full Duplex Audio
Audio Quality Excellent Poor Average
Full DSP
Can be used as a repeater controller
Inter-system connectivity
Multiple Connections
Permanent Connections
Allows Off-Air Linking
Random Connections
Web Control Interface
PC Control Application
Open Source Codecs
Open Source Software
Allows Software Experimentation
Allows Script Experimentation
Allows Network Experimentation
Australian Designed
Australian Only Network
Allows remote control
Allows remote shutdown on fault
Documentation In progress Excellent OK

This guide is broken down into 3 Sections. Information about the project, How to use the nodes, and How to set one up.

Using the System(Edit)