Installing the Image

Getting the Image(Edit)

Go to, fill out your details and download the image.

There are two Image files:

  • A version for the Raspberry Pi B or B+, and
  • A version for the Raspberry Pi B2 and Pi 3

Burning the Image(Edit)

Once you have downloaded the image, it has to be burnt to the SD card. This means, the image is copied to the card, byte for byte. Copying the .img file to the SD card with windows explorer will render you with a DOS formatted Card with one big file on it.

Burning in Winblows(Edit)

I cannot test this, as I do not have access to a Winblows Machine, but apparently Winblows 8 will not work.

You need to download a program called win32diskimager. The genuine program is available from sourceforge.

A copy of that program is stored here: .

Unzip the contents of the file, and run the .exe file within. Ignore any carryon from Winblows that the program is untrusted etc, etc as most open source programmers do not have the funds to go through all that crap. Not only that, putting the code into such a program will bloat it.

  1. Load the Program
  2. In the Left side of the window, select your .img file.
  3. In the right side of the window, select your SD card drive.
  4. Press Write.
  5. Walk away and make a coffee or something.

When its finished, insert it into the Pi, plug a monitor and keyboard into the pi and apply power

Main page - Initial Setup

Burning the image with Linux(Edit)

Insert an SD card of at least 2GB into your computer. Run:

df -h

to find your SD drive. for this example, the SD drive is going to come up as /dev/mmblk0

Unzip the image.


dd if=vk_repeater_network_v1-1.img of=/dev/mmblk0 BS=1M

After a period of what seems forever the prompt will come back


to flush the cache, and now insert the image into your Raspberry Pi.

Main page - Initial Setup