Choosing the operating mode

The Operating mode of your node has 4 possible operating modes. This is changed via the rpt.conf file (again in the Main Setup Menu).

The 4 modes are:

Simplex Mode(Edit)

This mode is how I envisage most nodes are going to be run. by setting

in the rpt.conf file.

This mode is used on a simplex frequency, and it gives a tail after you let go the button, gives ID's and telemetry beeps to let you know how the connection is going.

Duplex Mode(Edit)

This mode is how the VKLink repeaters will be running. This is where you have a separate receiver and transmitter and use the node as a repeater controller.

The config file setting:


It behaves as a normal Talk-Through Repeater.

This mode is used when connecting a gateway to a repeater. Set the config as:


This gives a node that has no tails, no anything, and relies on the repeater to do the Idents etc. These nodes also want to have CTCSS set up on the radio, with CTCSS being generated by the repeater when its receiving a signal, as nobody on the other end of the link wants to listen to repeater tails over the link and then their tails.

This mode is for linking nodes together over RF. By setting:


Makes the node full duplex without any tones, tails or telemetry. In this mode, it is advisable to change the function tones and set propagate_dtmf=1 so that function commands pass through it to remote nodes. More will be in Advanced Stuff

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