Introducing VKLink, the VK repeater linking project

For a couple of years now, VK3VS and VK7DB have been working on a project to link the countries repeaters without the problems associated with poor audio, limited connections, and "drive by" operators from other countries that connect, listen, hear nothing and then disconnect again.

The idea behind it was to use something cheap, readily available and open source software to connect repeaters via the internet, and make it work. 2 Years in the making, it is finally at a stage that can be released to the Amateur population.

Have a look around the site, read the manual, join the forum and join the fun. You dont need a repeater to use the system, it just helps.

All you need is a raspberry pi, a radio and a CM108/CM119 sound card to start. A riser board is coming to make an "out of the box" solution.

Any questions, join the forum and ask. Look at the current nodes in operation, see

The version of VKlink for the Raspberry Pi 2,v1.2 and Raspberry Pi 3 has now been released

A note on the creators

It has to be mentioned, that the people involved in maintaining the system, allowing nodes, modifying the system and helping with tech support all Work Full time, Have families and lives outside of amateur radio. Not one person who has been instrumental at creating this is retired.

It is preferable that if you need tech support, ask in the forum. There may be a couple of weeks before replies, but it will happen. You can also ask in the VKLink Facebook group.